Innovative Indian Wedding Invitation

Posted by infectedgenes Saturday, March 21, 2009 10 comments

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  1. justin Says:

    that's awesome!!

  1. Asma Says:

    Yummy and Delicious wedding invitation
    Another way to make your theme pop is to layer your photo over a scenic background photo. This method can result into amazing picture wedding invitations

  1. Jaz Says:

    Find and coordinate the wedding location, be it a Beverly Hills wedding, one of many gorgeous Malibu wedding locations, or even farther afield.

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi all.
    Its my wedding card & I thank all of you for your appreciation....


  1. Web Redesign Says:

    kwel... Ultimate invitation... i'll also try this recipe of marriage...

  1. Daphna Says:

    Hi Rohit

    Would you mind sharing with us how you arranged this invitation!? This is absolutely GREAT!


  1. roma Says:

    Ashish Abrol is the founder and CEO of Big Indian Wedding, a wedding portal that caters to all your wedding needs. Get FREE wedding tips, Discounts and Coupons on attire and make up by logging in to Big Indian Wedding.

  1. Anonymous Says:


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome innovation :) Superb work.. :)

  1. bigindianwedding Says:

    absolutely gorgeous!!

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