Amazing 3D Chalk Drawing Illusion

Posted by infectedgenes Tuesday, March 1, 2011 1 comments

Who said 3D Chalk Drawings need to be drawn on pavement!? They can work just the same if you position them vertically. One such fine example is Manfred Stader’s latest work in Trehaus, Germany. It was done for a real estate company celebrating its 25th anniversary. Manfred drew the 3d construction worker, working on a concrete elevator in center of the atrium. BTW, just realized something… is the sole difference between Murals and 3D Chalk Drawings whether they’re vertical or horizontal? Are the murals (trompe l’oeils) more acknowledged as art? What do know about them?

Chalk Drawing Illusion
Chalk Drawing Illusion
Chalk Drawing Illusion


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  1. Huro Says:

    That is insane!

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