Photoshopped Santa Claus Vintage Illusion

Posted by infectedgenes Sunday, March 20, 2011 0 comments

Just few minutes ago I’ve added new illusory paintings by Andre Martins De Barros to our Facebook channel (along with few other illusions I thought were too subtle/weak for our homepage). You be the judge. Please don’t forget to “like” our FB group (you can do it via the sidebar facebook box) if you want to receive all those 2nd grade illusions that go straight to our channel.
Concerning what I have prepared for you today, I might be a bit late, but good stuff should always be good stuff! As you see, what might appear as obviously photoshopped photo at first, can in reality turn out to be quite opposite! Again, you be the judge, but know that there is a hidden clue that exposes the illusion, one that can be seen in the second photo. Only hint I can give you is to concentrate on the limbs!


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